About Pavel Kricka

I have been taking photographs since I was 14 but never really understood what I was doing, I knew how to get a picture but not how to make a photograph.
My working years were spent in the computing industry, starting as a programmer and finishing as the multi-disciplinary design lead on complex projects.

When I retired I vowed to take my photographic art seriously, initially shooting sport which presents its own challenges, staying focused on catching the moment, rather than watching the game.

As time went on I began working with local business and charities to build portfolios that they could use in their publicity, which introduced me to other branches of photography and drove the development of my capabilities.

This helped me work out that I really like photographing people moving.

My early artistic influences were surrealists particularly Paul Klee,  potters Bernard Leech, Shoji Hamada and Lucie Rie, I have a fascination with Japanese culture and its minimalistic art. Latterly I’ve been studying the American abstract expressionists, Rothko, Pollock and also Ed Ruscha, these have informed the development of my multiple exposure work.